I’ve recently discovered something and I would love to share it with you. It may be something you already know about, have, or like me had no idea what it all entails, or have no idea that it was missing in the first place. I’m talking about self-love. And I realize that this is a very broad topic which is why I’ve decided to make it into a series as promised in my previous post. And in every post, I will share with you, a story by women for women about their journey with self-love. Today, I will share mine.

I’m not going to tell you about my childhood because that would take way too long. And blaming anything isn’t going to help me either. Because I realized I didn’t practice self-love. Does that mean I hate myself? Absolutely not. It just means I wasn’t aware. I wasn’t aware of my behavior, my thoughts, my actions, and much more. Being unaware and continuing is one thing, but now that I’m aware I’m going to do everything I can to actively change.

Maybe you’re unaware like I was, so I’ll give you some quick examples. Let’s say someone makes a mistake, that’s normal right? Everyone makes mistakes. But somehow when you make a mistake you’re super hard on yourself. Right? Or imagine you have a big presentation coming up at work and you’ve prepared everything to the last detail. And yet, you doubt yourself. Or even something as simple as looking in the mirror and not loving the body you’re seeing. All of these things can be linked back to self-love. It’s not easy to change these habits, but it is possible. The first step is to just be kinder to yourself. You’re human, you’re not perfect nor should you want to be. Also, be patient with yourself. It’s called a journey for a reason so you will have highs and lows, but make sure you allow yourself to grow at your own pace. You’ve got this.

So, are you joining me on this journey?