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Current Netflix Favorites #23


I've been watching so many shows and movies, I honestly forget to write about them. But that can only mean, it'll be a long list of recommendations. So, I will be posting another list with [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #232022-11-21T18:07:01+01:00

Current Netflix Favorites #22


If you haven't seen the shows below yet, I must warn you of the possible spoilers in the paragraphs. So if you don't want any spoilers, just watch the trailers and skip right to watching [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #222022-10-28T13:55:57+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #21


Adulting really is the weirdest thing. You can decide to eat ice cream for breakfast and cereal for dinner, because who's gonna tell you no? So when people are so surprised that I actually like [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #212022-10-10T20:58:36+02:00

Streaming Favorites #2


Even though I still mostly watch shows on Netflix, every now and then a new show comes out on a different streaming service that catches my attention. There are a lot of good shows on [...]

Streaming Favorites #22022-10-01T19:51:26+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #20


Sometimes it takes a while for Netflix to come out with new interesting things. But when they do, they drop them all at once. And there are still so many good shows and movies coming [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #202022-09-25T18:41:39+02:00

It Happened One Summer


It Happened One Summer is part one of the Bellinger Sisters series by Tessa Bailey. It's about Piper Bellinger, an influencer from LA. She's fashionable and has the reputation of a wild child. After a [...]

It Happened One Summer2022-09-18T17:04:30+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #19


I've gotta be honest at this point. Ever since Netflix announced the release date for Manifest season 4 (Nov 4), I've been counting down the days. I just really hope we get the answers we've [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #192022-09-01T20:57:07+02:00

A Journey To Self-Love / Part II.


Let's catch up, shall we? Listen, self-love is.. messy, exhausting, and complicated but also so beautiful, freeing, and rewarding. But like I said in part I., it remains a journey. So, within that journey more [...]

A Journey To Self-Love / Part II.2022-09-01T20:40:30+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #18


I may or may not have been watching way too many movies and series lately. But, in my defense.. okay never mind, I have no good excuse. I just like it. Make sure to check [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #182022-08-08T10:08:08+02:00

Streaming Favorites #1


With so many streaming services, I've decided to combine all my recommendations (good and/or bad) in one post. So, welcome to Streaming Favorites. My Current Netflix Favorites will still be a thing though. 😎 The [...]

Streaming Favorites #12022-07-30T19:25:15+02:00
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