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I’m Jealous


I've written and rewritten this post many times over the past 2 years. I'd forget about it and then see it amongst my notes again. Changed some parts and pressed save. I never intended on [...]

I’m Jealous2022-04-19T19:03:27+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #15


Did I forget to include some of these shows in the previous post? Yes. Does it matter? No. Bridgerton (season 2) I absolutely loved this season. Anthony Bridgerton (played by Jonathan Bailey) and Kate [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #152022-04-12T19:09:17+02:00



Let me start off by saying this is not an easy-ish recipe. This was by far the hardest recipe I've ever attempted in my life. And I hated every minute of trying to master these [...]


Current Netflix Favorites #14


First of all, I am so disappointed that Netflix decided not to renew Archive81 for a new season. However, I am excited for Manifest, because I couldn't believe they left us with that cliffhanger. Thankfully [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #142022-03-29T16:48:38+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #13


So many things to watch, so little time. I just got a subscription to HBO, which means now I have way too many shows/movies to watch. Someone should actually pay me for this 🙄. The [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #132022-03-17T08:53:28+01:00

In The Dark


Cases you may or may not have heard about. And investigative journalism that gets a man out of prison? I present to you: In The Dark. The first season talks about the disappearance and murder [...]

In The Dark2022-06-08T20:40:22+02:00

Suicide Notes


Suicide Notes is a novel written by Michael Thomas Ford and it is absolutely amazing. The book is written like a diary through the eyes of fifteen-year-old Jeff. He wakes up on New Year's Day [...]

Suicide Notes2022-03-12T21:49:00+01:00

Current Netflix Favorites #12


Sometimes I have a burst of energy and I could write about 3 posts a week. And then sometimes I don't know what to write about for weeks. That's just how it is. But thankfully, [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #122022-03-03T15:27:39+01:00

Current Prime Video Favorites #2


Sometimes I forget that I have Amazon Prime Video. And then a trailer pops up on YouTube from a show or a movie and I'm like, hey I should watch that. So, listed below is [...]

Current Prime Video Favorites #22022-02-28T18:16:08+01:00

The Self Love Fix


The Self Love journey is an interesting one because where do you start? At least for me, I wasn't sure where to look or what to do. So, I opened Spotify and typed in the [...]

The Self Love Fix2022-02-18T18:09:50+01:00
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