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Suicide Notes


Suicide Notes is a novel written by Michael Thomas Ford and it is absolutely amazing. The book is written like a diary through the eyes of fifteen-year-old Jeff. He wakes up on New Year's Day [...]

Suicide Notes2022-03-12T21:49:00+01:00

Current Netflix Favorites #12


Sometimes I have a burst of energy and I could write about 3 posts a week. And then sometimes I don't know what to write about for weeks. That's just how it is. But thankfully, [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #122022-03-03T15:27:39+01:00

Current Prime Video Favorites #2


Sometimes I forget that I have Amazon Prime Video. And then a trailer pops up on YouTube from a show or a movie and I'm like, hey I should watch that. So, listed below is [...]

Current Prime Video Favorites #22022-02-28T18:16:08+01:00

The Self Love Fix


The Self Love journey is an interesting one because where do you start? At least for me, I wasn't sure where to look or what to do. So, I opened Spotify and typed in the [...]

The Self Love Fix2022-02-18T18:09:50+01:00

Current Netflix Favorites #11


There were so many new things to watch on Netflix that I didn't even know where to start. Okay, that's a lie, of course, I started with the shows I was already watching and then [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #112022-02-08T18:59:11+01:00

Current Netflix Favorites #10


Can you believe it's the 10th one already? Crazy how fast time goes when you're having fun. Because binge-watching is fun I don't care what other people say. Maybe I should also include shows not [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #102022-01-28T14:24:16+01:00

Future Workings II.


Welcome back to another future workings update. Unfortunately, I am not rich (yet). So I still have a regular 9-5 job. But that doesn't stop from trying all sorts of ways to create an automatic [...]

Future Workings II.2022-01-19T19:20:03+01:00

A Journey To Self-Love / Part I.


I've recently discovered something and I would love to share it with you. It may be something you already know about, have, or like me had no idea what it all entails, or have no [...]

A Journey To Self-Love / Part I.2022-01-13T21:54:11+01:00

Current Netflix Favorites #9


I've got a big list of current favorites and that's because Netflix is staying BUSY. I'm not complaining though. But seriously, there are so many good things on Netflix I don't even have the time [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #92022-01-07T13:11:51+01:00

Current Prime Video Favorites


Somehow most of my posts are about Netflix, but obviously, I watch other things too. With that being said, welcome to yet another new series. My current Prime Video favorites. Click here for your 30-day [...]

Current Prime Video Favorites2022-01-13T17:16:47+01:00
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