There are not a lot of movies I could watch over and over again. But this movie is certainly in my top 3. And I’m pretty sure that once you’ve watched it, you’ll love it too! Brain on fire is a biographical drama starring Chloë Grace Moretz. I might be a bit biased because I would watch any movie with her, but even so trust me on this one okay? And yes I know this movie is from 2016, so what.

Brain on Fire

The movie starts out quite normal. A young journalist who works at the New York Post who seems healthy and happy. Then she suddenly starts having seizures and hearing voices. Weeks go by and Susannah (Chloë Grace Moretz) rapidly descends into insanity. She inexplicably moves from violence to catatonia. Then follows a series of outbursts, misdiagnoses and a prolonged hospital stay. I’m sure you want to know what happens to her, but you’ll have to watch the movie in order to get an answer to that!