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Current Netflix Favorites #18

I may or may not have been watching way too many movies and series lately. But, in my defense.. okay never mind, I have no good excuse. I just like it. Make sure to check [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #182022-08-08T10:08:08+02:00

Streaming Favorites #1

With so many streaming services, I've decided to combine all my recommendations (good and/or bad) in one post. So, welcome to Streaming Favorites. My Current Netflix Favorites will still be a thing though. 😎 The [...]

Streaming Favorites #12022-07-30T19:25:15+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #17

If I write a letter to Netflix, asking for some sort of sponsorship, do you think they'd take me seriously? Nah, neither do I. But, I'm back again with Netflix suggestions. Because let's be honest, [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #172022-07-30T18:48:37+02:00

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

I didn't write about the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie, but after seeing the 2nd one I feel like it deserves a post. Sometimes a sequel to a movie can be fun, but most of [...]

Sonic the Hedgehog 22022-05-20T21:38:33+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #16

So many things. Not in any particular order. Enjoy. 🍿 The Anatomy of a Scandal I love mini-series. Because it makes binge-watching so much easier knowing that after 1 season you're done. Not that [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #162022-05-13T15:09:05+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #15

Did I forget to include some of these shows in the previous post? Yes. Does it matter? No. Bridgerton (season 2) I absolutely loved this season. Anthony Bridgerton (played by Jonathan Bailey) and Kate [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #152022-04-12T19:09:17+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #14

First of all, I am so disappointed that Netflix decided not to renew Archive81 for a new season. However, I am excited for Manifest, because I couldn't believe they left us with that cliffhanger. Thankfully [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #142022-03-29T16:48:38+02:00

Current Netflix Favorites #13

So many things to watch, so little time. I just got a subscription to HBO, which means now I have way too many shows/movies to watch. Someone should actually pay me for this 🙄. The [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #132022-03-17T08:53:28+01:00

Current Netflix Favorites #12

Sometimes I have a burst of energy and I could write about 3 posts a week. And then sometimes I don't know what to write about for weeks. That's just how it is. But thankfully, [...]

Current Netflix Favorites #122022-03-03T15:27:39+01:00

Current Prime Video Favorites #2

Sometimes I forget that I have Amazon Prime Video. And then a trailer pops up on YouTube from a show or a movie and I'm like, hey I should watch that. So, listed below is [...]

Current Prime Video Favorites #22022-02-28T18:16:08+01:00
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