Christmas movies might be my favorite thing about Christmas besides all the good food. This was supposed to be a Netflix favorites, but somehow I didn’t like most of the Christmas movies Netflix had to offer this year, so I added some other streaming services. Amazon Prime Video really has some good movies coming out, so keep an eye out for more recommendations.

the Noel Diary (Netflix)

I love non-predictable Christmas movies. I mean you can always tell who’s gonna fall in love, but the storyline is what makes it different. The Noel Diary wasn’t even that focused on Christmas which made it even better.

Christmas with You (Netflix)

Honestly, this wasn’t a great movie, however, it was entertaining enough to watch once. It was also nice to see Freddie Prinze Jr. in something again. Other than that, mediocre acting, a predictable storyline, and no catchy songs.

Something from Tiffany’s (Prime Video)

Prime Video might be my current favorite streaming service for Christmas movies because this was absolutely one of my favorites. I never imagined Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson in a Christmas movie together, but it worked! Also, another movie where it doesn’t necessarily revolve around Christmas, but just that time of year.

About Fate (Prime Video)

Another great movie on Prime Video. A little bit of the holidays and a lot of love. Emma Roberts and Thomas Mann find out what it means when something is truly meant to be.