Can you believe it’s the 10th one already? Crazy how fast time goes when you’re having fun. Because binge-watching is fun I don’t care what other people say. Maybe I should also include shows not to watch from now on because I watch a lot on Netflix and not nearly everything is worth watching. 🤔

Archive 81

My mind was BLOWN after watching the first episode so naturally, I kept watching. And let me tell you, this show did not disappoint. I watched the whole season in one day, which isn’t something new for me. But I just had to know what happens.


I loved seeing Alyssa Milano back in a movie because the last thing I watched with her in it was Mistresses. And even there she left after the second season. Anyway, this movie is based on a book by Nora Roberts. The movie isn’t good whatsoever, but I thought it was entertaining enough to watch once.

After Life

I started watching After Life because of all the hype around the new season. I’ve just finished the first season and I think it’s pretty good. However, don’t watch it thinking it’s some positive, happy, feel-good show. Because it’s the complete opposite. But I love the raw emotions after the death of a loved one.