So many things to watch, so little time. I just got a subscription to HBO, which means now I have way too many shows/movies to watch. Someone should actually pay me for this 🙄.

The Weekend Away

When I saw the thumbnail I was sold. I mean, Leighton Meester is enough to sell any movie right? To be honest, completely honest, this wasn’t the best movie. BUT, it was a good enough movie. At first, I thought it was gonna be like the Amanda Knox story because obviously, I didn’t watch the trailer. But as I kept watching I realized it was something a little different. Just a little.

Worst Roommate Ever

I watch just about any show about psychopaths, serial killers, or anything in that category. Produced by Blumhouse, which is known for a lot of horror movies, this series tells the most unbelievable stories about The Worst Roommate(s) Ever. It covers four cases that all differ from situations and they’re all terrible.

One of Us is Lying

This book was sitting on my e-reader waiting for me to start reading it, just like the other 15 books I haven’t started yet. That is also a reminder to me to stop adding books to my e-reader as I’m currently reading 5 different books. Don’t recommend it. Anyway, in this case, I decided to watch the series instead. Yes I know, the book is always better. I actually liked the show, so I might read the book anyway.

The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Walker Scobell, Catherine Keener, and Zoe Saldaña. To be honest, whenever I see a movie that stars Ryan Reynolds, I already know it’s going to be full of dry humor and sarcastic comments. Which is totally my thing. This was actually a really entertaining movie. And every time I heard “particle accelerator” I was thinking about the Flash (IYKYK), so that was fun. And no, I didn’t know about that before the Flash, don’t judge me.