If I write a letter to Netflix, asking for some sort of sponsorship, do you think they’d take me seriously? Nah, neither do I. But, I’m back again with Netflix suggestions. Because let’s be honest, scrolling to find something to watch for hours and then end up not watching anything isn’t really fun. Anyway, I have a pretty long list this week, because I’ve been behind on posting. So, enjoy! ✌🏽

Stranger Things 4

I’m not sure why it took me 6 years to finally watch this show. But I think I made up for lost time because I watched all 4 seasons in 1 week. And I can honestly say that I’m a fan now. A big fan. I encourage everyone to watch this show because it is truly amazing. Also, there are 2 episodes left for season 4 which will be coming out on July 1st, so mark your calendar!

A Perfect Pairing

Do you know what I love the most about romantic movies? You can see the “dream” couple from miles away and yet it is still entertaining to watch. No big plots, twists, or shockers. Just a cheesy, predictable romance. Yes, I love it.

The Lincoln Lawyer (season 1)

I love how words are the most important thing to a lawyer. Sure, the law is important, but not as important as a lawyer that knows how to use words in the best way. Because knowing the law is one thing, actually convincing people (the jury or a judge) of something, is a totally different ball game.

Bling Empire (season 2)

If you’ve watched the first season and you’re wondering if the second season is worse? Yes. Yes, it is. Unnecessary storylines, weird friendships and so much fake drama. But, I have to watch it. I just can’t help myself.

Along for the Ride

Just in case you were in need of another romantic movie, here you go. The storyline isn’t amazing, but that’s not really why we watch romantic movies, is it?

Our Father

This has been a known story for some time now, but actually watching this documentary made it much worse. Knowing that he isn’t the only doctor who did (is doing) this is very sickening. But the fact that there isn’t really a law against it, is baffling. It never ceases to amaze me what things people do and don’t get punished for.