Adulting really is the weirdest thing. You can decide to eat ice cream for breakfast and cereal for dinner, because who’s gonna tell you no? So when people are so surprised that I actually like binge-watching certain shows, I’m just as confused by their confusion. Like, why would I not do the thing I like the most for multiple hours on end? To each their own I guess. Now, let’s get into this amazing list.

Luckiest Girl Alive

I absolutely loved this movie. Mila Kunis and Chiara Aurelia are both amazing. I loved Chiara in Cruel Summer on Amazon Prime Video and I can’t wait for season 2. But back to the movie, even though not much happens, the story is compelling enough to keep you interested. I loved the conversations Mila has with herself, because it really shows what some people think versus how they act. Absolutely recommend.

the Midnight Club

Listen, at this point I’ll watch anything from the Flanaverse, because his shows are just too good. And the Midnight Club only confirms that. Apparently Flanagan broke the record for most jump scares with this show and I can admit there were quite a few. Even though it’s not scary, at times it does come when you least expect it. I really enjoyed all the stories the members of the club tell, it’s like a show within a show.

Designing Miami

I love love, love interior design shows. Even if they make me want to redecorate my house every single time. This show was super entertaining without any unnecessary drama. The Jimenezes are inspirational and a true power couple. And seeing their vision come to life in those amazing houses was honestly the cherry on top.


It is truly amazing and terrifying at the same time how accurately Evan Peters plays the role of Jeffrey Dahmer. Can’t lie this show was very disturbing and if you’re sensitive to these types of things, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. Because it’s nothing like the movie My Friend Dahmer. But if you can stomach it, I highly recommend this show.

Bling Empire (season 3)

I’m not sure how I feel about this season. Somehow it’s better and worse than the second season. I loved the storyline of Kevin and Devon, so if there’s a season 4 I hope we’ll see more of her. And of course, in the end, we see a snippet of Bling Empire New York. So far, Netflix hasn’t announced a release date, but I’m not sure I’ll be watching it.