I’ve been watching so many shows and movies, I honestly forget to write about them. But that can only mean, it’ll be a long list of recommendations. So, I will be posting another list with more shows and also a Christmas movie list of course. This year I will also add Christmas movies on other streaming services than Netflix, so hopefully, there are some good ones.

Manifest (season 4)

This first part of season 4 was everything I hoped it would be and very much worth the wait. I honestly hope we’ll get all the answers in the second and final part because I still have so many questions. I never thought I would be this invested in a series about the bible and faith, but somehow it works. Very much looking forward to part II.

Warrior Nun (season 2)

I was obsessed with season 1, so I was very excited when it got renewed for a second season. This season was filled with action, romance, and mystery. And we finally got answers about Adriel and Michael. Now what I didn’t like was the ending, because now obviously I need a third season for answers. At the time of writing this Netflix has yet to confirm a third season, but that’s usually how things go. Fingers crossed.

Inside Man

How bad could the consequences be of one act of kindness? Well, this series really put that to the test. It really went from bad, to worse to worst and I just kept thinking, there must be a way out of this. But, unfortunately, no matter how kind you are, one little thing can really ruin all of it. It also doesn’t help if the person in question didn’t like you to begin with.


Was this Allison Janney’s best work? Absolutely not. Was this a suspenseful movie? Also, no. Was it entertaining enough to watch once? Yeah, maybe. The storyline was a bit weird and the twist didn’t make it any better. So, if you’re looking for a movie to pass some time with, don’t look any further.