Maybe it’s me but it really feels like time flies when you’re older. Maybe I should write a bucket list with things to do before I’m too old. Just food for thought. Also, it’s crazy that we only have a few weeks left of 2022. Anyway, Netflix has so many shows coming out again I can barely keep up. But that’s probably the best problem to have.


I loved the Addams Family when I was younger, so I was very excited to see this show coming out. Jenna Ortega really did Wednesday justice and I’m obsessed with Wednesday as a character now. Horror, sarcasm, dry humor, and a whodunnit all in one? Count me in. This was a really, really good first season and I’m hoping it will get renewed for a second.

Dead to Me (season 3)

I was really looking forward to this final season because I’m always curious to see how the creators are going to wrap up the series. This season was even more special considering the effort and determination it took for Christina Applegate to finish the series despite her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. I have to say, I wouldn’t even have noticed had I not known about it.

One of Us is Lying (season 2)

Thankfully we got all the answers in the first season so this season can focus on someone else, Simon Says. Just like in the first season, I honestly have no clue as to who it could be, but I love a good whodunnit. Thankfully, I have not read the books, even though I’m not sure the series follows the book exactly.