Winter is absolutely my favorite season. The cold, the holidays, the Christmas movies. It’s just the best. Let’s get into this list, number 25 already.

Firefly Lane (season 2)

This show gives me the best vibes. I am obsessed with their friendship even if at times it’s a very unhealthy one. To have and keep a friendship for so many years isn’t really that common anymore. At first, I had to adjust to the switching of the timelines again, but after the first episode, I got into it again. Just a warning for the last episode, keep your tissues close.

Emily in Paris (season 3)

I usually binge-watch my shows on the weekend because then I have the whole day to just watch shows. But since Emily in Paris came out on a weekday and I just couldn’t help myself I had to divide my binge-watching into two days. The show is so messy, but it’s good. And for those wondering? I love Alfie but, I’m team Gabriel all day every day.

The Recruit

I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t expecting much from this show. Don’t get me wrong, Noah Centineo is not a bad actor, but this is the first time a show actually revolves around him. And he was amazing. This show was really exciting and the perfect mix of action, romance, suspense, and comedy. But just like every other show, it ended with the biggest cliffhanger and the chance that Netflix will cancel it after just one season. Ugh.