I’m back, again. I know this is becoming a pattern 🤷🏽‍♀️. But, at least I have a bunch of new (semi-new) show recommendations for you. That’s a good thing, right? Okay, never mind, I tried. Also, a free tip to organize all of your shows and stay updated once a new episode is available or new season dates, download Hobi. No that is not an affiliate link, I just sincerely like the app. Now, let’s get into these new favorites, shall we? 😎

The Bold Type

Okay, where to start. I am OBSESSED with this show. And by obsessed I mean I’ve watched all, yes ALL, 4 seasons in a week and a half. Slightly unhealthy? Maybe. But so entertaining. The trailer doesn’t even do this show justice. It tackles everything you can imagine, but in a non-obvious way like other shows. Seriously, go watch it. Please. And thank me later 😌.

Ginny & Georgia

Another show I’m obsessed with and can’t wait for season 2. The first season has 10 episodes and it was so hard not to watch all 10 in one night. Boo #worklife 👎🏽. I didn’t even watch the trailer before I started watching, but Netflix recommended this show to me so I figured why not? And it did not disappoint so I might listen to Netflix more often.

Behind Her Eyes

So, at first, I thought this was a show about infidelity and murder. But oh was I wrong. I can’t even explain how mind-twisting this show is, so do yourself a favor and go watch it. Seriously.

Firefly Lane

I’m a sucker for feel-good shows (and movies). And Firefly Lane is exactly that. It’s about friendship, love, work, family, and many more. Grab a glass 🍷 (or bottle, I don’t judge) of wine, a blanket, 2 pillows (for extra comfort) and install yourself on the couch, and don’t leave until you’ve watched every single episode. Or, if you’re like me and have a job you have to get to, watch it in a week. Whatever works.

Those were my current Netflix favorites for now. I’ve been watching a lot more shows than these 4, but these were the ones I felt were worth mentioning. If you would like to get updated on when I post new stories, subscribe to the notification on the homepage. ❤︎