I’ve got a big list of current favorites and that’s because Netflix is staying BUSY. I’m not complaining though. But seriously, there are so many good things on Netflix I don’t even have the time to watch them all. Then again, who needs sleep anyway? 😌

Don’t Look Up

This movie is either misunderstood, underrated, or hyped. I am team HYPE. I loved it! I honestly think that the people that don’t like this movie, just don’t understand the messages. So if that’s you, please watch it again. I’m not sure the trailer does it justice, but this movie is honestly so painfully real that it’s actually funny.

Queen Eye (season 6)

I’ll watch just about anything that has to do with makeovers. Whether it’s people or houses. I just find that whole process so calming and pleasing, I can watch it all day long. So obviously when Queen Eye season 6 came out, I was gonna watch it. It’s still crazy to see some shows where you can see the effects of Covid, but I’m happy they got to help people anyway.


OMG. I’ve watched 3 seasons in about 2 weeks. This show is amazing. It’s an anthology series so every season is a whole new storyline. It’s probably to most gruesome show I’ve ever watched but I think that’s what makes it cool. Also, I love the whodunit genre. You keep on guessing and guessing and wait to see if you are right. And I’m never right. Anyway, I’m watching season 4 now but so far season 1 and season 3 are my favorites.

Stay Close

At first, when I saw this trailer it gave me “The Stranger” vibes. And I thought the main character was like a spy or a hitwoman in her previous life. I couldn’t be more wrong. But just like Slasher, this series captures the whodunit vibes so good it just keeps you guessing. I was totally shocked at the ending, not only because I’m bad at guessing but also for the motive. So, did I make you curious yet?

True Story

When I first saw this trailer I wasn’t too excited about it. And maybe that’s because I just can’t picture Kevin Hart doing anything serious. However, for some reason, I started watching it and it’s actually not bad at all. Also, it was weird seeing Wesley Snipes, because I can’t even remember the last movie/tv-show he was in. Even though I’m bad at guessing, I did see some of the endings coming. But I was still pleasantly surprised.