I often hear people say that they don’t know what to watch on Netflix. Now don’t get me wrong, I too sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. And especially when it seems like you just can’t seem to find anything worth watching. Well people, I am here to help you out! Continue reading for my current Netflix fav’s and thank me later. Or not, it’s whatever. Disclaimer: some of these shows will make you want to binge-watch. I have hereby warned you, so, therefore, it’s not my fault. Right? Okay, let’s get started.

Someone Great

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve watched this movie three times already? Because I have. Even though it may start out as your typical broken heart story, there are a lot of things happening in just one day. The course of their love, hanging out with friends, going shopping, doing drugs, getting drunk and so much more. And the ending might not be what you would expect. Also, maybe not watch this with your kids.

Dead To Me

Yet another show I binge-watched. I have a problem. We know this already. But Dead To Me is a really good show and Christina Applegate does an amazing job. Not to forget her co-star Linda Cardellini. It has some dark humor to it so if that’s not your thing.. you’re weird. Just watch the show.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

I’ve had a thing for these sorts of shows, movies and documentaries for as long as I can remember. I could watch the crime documentary channel all day. I’m not sure when I first heard about Ted Bundy, but from what I can remember is that I researched everything I could about him. It is just so beyond comprehension to me how someone could do these things. Like seriously, think about it. So naturally when this movie came out, I just had to watch it.


Okay, let’s be clear. It’s not like I binge-watch every show on Netflix, just the ones I like. Special was no exception. I watched all 8 episodes in 2 days. And. I. Loved. It. Ryan is a grown man and yet I think he’s the cutest thing. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to call a grown man cute, but who cares. If you haven’t watched Special yet, make sure you watch the trailer and I’m sure you’ll want to watch (read binge-watch) it too!


Yes, Easy is back. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t watched season 3 yet. But if it’s anything like season 1 and 2, I’m sure I’ll love this season too. Easy is a show about a bunch of people with really different lifestyles. I know, my explanation is so specific. Just watch the trailer and you’ll get it.