Somehow most of my posts are about Netflix, but obviously, I watch other things too. With that being said, welcome to yet another new series. My current Prime Video favorites. Click here for your 30-day free trial!

With Love (season 1)

Why were there only 5 episodes? I absolutely LOVED this show. Beautiful cast, romantic storylines, just the right amount of sadness, and the funniest dialogues. As I’m writing this they haven’t said anything about season 2, but let’s hope they’ll renew it. If you’re not running to watch it after this trailer, something is wrong with you. Sorry, not sorry.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (season 1)

I’ve seen so many negative comments about this show. And let me start by saying that I’ll never understand why people can’t separate originals from reboots/remakes/adaptations. Because of course, it will never be like the original, that’s why it’s called original. That being said, I actually enjoyed watching this adaptation of the movie/novel. I did however think it would be more bloody, but all in all, it definitely keeps you wondering.

Harlem (season 1)

Nothing will ever replace the love I have for Insecure, but since it’s ending I had to find another show to keep watching. So I couldn’t be more thrilled about Harlem. The mistake I made was binging it in one night so now I have to wait for season 2, although it’s not confirmed yet. I loved watching these successful black women, but of course, there will always be the same clichés. So as with many other black shows, this series received a lot of mixed reviews.

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