When it comes to movies, I have to admit that I’m quite a softie. My preference goes out to romantic comedies or lifetime movies where I know it has a “happy ending”. But sometimes I take a visit to my dark side, because only watching happy movies gives me a false sense of reality. Yes, the line between a movie where a guy buys his wife a mansion and my reality living in a one bedroom apartment is very blurry in my mind.

So about this movie. This movie. This freaking movie. You know, it’s very disappointing when you think you’re going to watch a thriller, but really it’s not. I have a serious issue with movies that take too long to develop. And this movie is one of those. About an hour into the movie it finally gets exciting and 20 minutes later the movie is over. If you could see the look on my face, you’d probably think someone stole my food. Because that’s how disappointing this movie was. And if you didn’t catch that, I’m addicted to food.


For those of you that are thinking, “okay, so what’s this movie about?”. Well, it’s about a man who believes to have found the person that is responsible for the death of his wife and daughter. They were killed a year earlier during a drone strike. For the people involved these were only casualties. But for him it’s obviously more than that. So what’s going to happen? Is he out for revenge or not?