The Emoji movie is a movie you could watch with your family or, if you’re childless, with your boyfriend. Or by yourself if you’re forever alone. Whichever the case, this movie is great for all ages. Nowadays even toddlers send each other text messages complaining that their mother’s forgot their juice boxes again. So this movie relates to everyone. Yes, even your grandma who doesn’t quite know how to Face Time yet.

Even though it’s a movie about Emoji’s, just like every other animated movie it has a message. And that message is, be true to yourself. In this world it’s hard enough to fit in, let alone be perfect. So don’t. Just be you. Like they say in the movie: “What’s the point about being number one, if there’s no other numbers around?”.

The Emoji Movie

But to be completely honest this movie really isn’t that fun. To make a movie that’s relatable is one thing, but to make it relatable and funny is a whole different ball game. Was this movie okay to watch? Sure. But would I tell my friends about it during lunch? No. Now if you’re looking for a movie to pass the time, you’ve found it.