Happy Death Day 2U, Hooray! I love sequels that include the same people it did in the first movie. Makes you feel like it actually is a sequel and not just a movie which was not necessary in the first place. I mean if you’re going to use completely different people, just give the movie a different name or something. However, this logic doesn’t apply to Fast & Furious, because they used the same people and I still thought most of the sequels were unnecessary. Oh well. That’s a story for another day.

Back to Happy Death Day 2U. When I saw this trailer I honestly couldn’t remember if I like the first one. But thanks to, you might have guessed, my own blog that’s an easy fix. So, I watched the trailer for the first one to refresh my memory. And yes, I liked the first one too.

Happy Death Day 2 U continues with the same story from the first movie, only this time they show how it happened in the first place. Even though it still gave me Groundhog Day vibes, it was still a fun movie to watch. If you want to watch a movie which will make you think, don’t watch this. But, if you want to watch a movie that will entertain you for about an hour and a half, you found it!