Is there a day in your life which you would want to do over? And if it were possible what day would that be? In the movie Happy Death Day the main character gets a do-over. It’s up to her to use that in order to figure out who the person is that kills her. This movie kind of reminded me of A Christmas Carol mixed with Groundhog Day.

Happy Death Day

So, this movie is about a girl who wakes up to the same day. And not just any day, the day she was murdered. On top of that it’s also her birthday. I feel like it must suck to get killed on your birthday, but hey at least you get to eat cake over and over again. At first, when I saw the trailer, I thought this was a comedy but this movie is more like a romantic horror. And like any horror this movie involves a lot of moments where I was talking to the screen. “Look behind you”, “Omg, she’s so stupid”, “How is that even possible”, you know, the basics. Even with the typical horror mistakes this movie has, it really is worth a watch. Check out the trailer below!