Cases you may or may not have heard about. And investigative journalism that gets a man out of prison? I present to you: In The Dark.

The first season talks about the disappearance and murder of Jacob Wetterling. In October of the year 1989, Jacob Wetterling is abducted after biking home with his friends from the convenience store. The case had been unresolved for 27 years. In The Dark takes you through everything that happened surrounding his appearance and how the case eventually got solved.

The second season follows the case of Curtis Flowers. Curtis Flowers had been tried for murder six times in the U.S. state of Mississippi. Four of the trials resulted in convictions, all of which were overturned on appeal. He was first convicted in 1997. Throughout all of these trials, Curtis Flowers remained in prison. In total, he spent over 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. You can read a lot about this case online, but In The Dark takes you along the journey of investigating the witnesses and evidence against Curtis Flowers.

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