When I say I love this show, it’s probably an understatement. I am obsessed with this show. Issa Rae is amazing. It sucks that it only has 8  30-minute episodes, because I could use about 20 per season. No but seriously, this show has everything! Drama? Yes. Love? Yes. Humor? Yes. Great music? Yes. Eye candy? Yes. I could go on and on, but you get my point.

Issa Insecure

So what is this show about really? This is mainly a sneak peek into a black woman’s life. It’s about Issa (also the creator of this series), her friends, her relationships and last but not least her life. She’s is in a committed relationship with Lawrence, but even the most perfect relationship has their problems. I love all the awkwardness, sarcastic and realness of this show. A lot of women aren’t successful in the dating game and Molly (Issa’s friend) is a perfect example of that. She is a successful attorney at a very powerful law firm and it seems like she has it all figured out. But why can’t she seem to find a good man though?

You might recognize the main character from her YouTube web series ‘Awkward Black Girl’. The show has 2 season’s out and is already confirmed for a third season, so what are you waiting for?