Let me start off by saying this is not an easy-ish recipe. This was by far the hardest recipe I’ve ever attempted in my life. And I hated every minute of trying to master these little tricky cookies. But now, we’re best friends.

I started off very confident, found a random recipe, bought the supplies, and baked macarons. Or so I thought. I didn’t even take a picture, because it was horrible. HORRIBLE. I cried okay. But, I’m not a quitter and I was determined to become a macaron (beginner) master no matter what. So, I tried again. And this was the result.

I didn’t understand what went wrong, but at least they looked WAY better than the first try. Trust me. So, I posted them on my Instagram and asked for suggestions in the caption. Someone referred to Cupcake Jemma’s Macaron Masterclass on Youtube. This recipe was so easy to follow and it turned out great.

But, this recipe also makes enough macarons for a dozen people. Also, this recipe uses the Italian Method, which is amazing and gets you the most consistent results. But, I wanted to learn the French method as well. So, after many, many, many recipes, I came across Mimi’s recipe for The Best French Macarons. I haven’t looked back ever since. If you want to learn the French method I strongly suggest you try this recipe. Here are some of my macaron creations.

Another one of my favorite macaron creator is Camila from pies&tacos, her recipes are insanely good. And it’s not just macarons! For more macaron madness, check out the following Instagram accounts: @piesandtacos, @baketoujours, @norasmacarons, @sweetmacshop, and @docmacaron.