As you may or may not know Mindhunter has returned this week. Unfortunately, I have not been able to binge-watch it because my boyfriend didn’t want to join me. I really regret how this has turned for my binge-watching status and will, therefore, binge-watch another show to make up for it. Okay, in all seriousness I really wanted to binge-watch the show, because I loved season 1. But because Mindhunter is a show I watch with my boyfriend we only watched about 4 out of 10 episodes. Because Mr. boyfriend would rather play video games than binge-watch a good show. He’s weird, I know.

That’s why I can’t nor won’t spoil too much about season 2, but from what I can tell so far this is gonna be a good season as well. Warning minor *spoilers* ahead. I love how in this season they focus on new serial killers and not just the same from season 1. For example, they have the BTK killer, Manson, and Son of Sam. If you’re like me and research all you can find about these killers, you are in for a long disturbing read. Also, we get to see how Holden handles his panic attacks which we saw a glimpse of in the final episode of season 1. All in all, I am excited to see the rest of the season.