Nappily ever after. Sanaa Lathan. Movie about natural hair. I’m in. Ever since I watched Love&Basketball, I’ve loved Sanaa Lathan. Also loved her part in Blade! Yes I know, very oldskool. But I feel like it’s been forever since she’s starred in a movie, so this was the perfect time.

I feel like whether you have straight, curly or nappy hair, this movie is must see. I have curly hair myself, but I definitely relate to Violet (Sanaa Lathan) a lot. When I was younger I always used to wear my hair in a bun. And when I got older I went through a “let your hair down” period. And now that I’m in my late twenties I have my hair straightened almost every day. Mostly because it’s more convenient and also it’s a lot cheaper. Of course I know straightening my hair isn’t healthy, so every now and then I still have my curls (in a bun).

However, I love how this movie focusses on loving your natural hair. And of course, going through the big chop. I can understand that for some women a weave is easier, just like I find it easier to have my hair straight. But I do think it’s important that you love your natural hair. And love yourself with your natural hair. Nowadays I see more and more women wearing their natural hair and I love it! And of course it would help if more industries use models with natural hair, but hey we’re getting there! You can watch Nappily Ever After on Netflix now!