Tomorrow is Christmas eve and even though I’ve been watching Christmas movies since November, what better time to collect some snacks, wrap yourself like a burrito and watch a Christmas movie. Or two. Or three. To be fair, it can be a little overwhelming to pick a Christmas movie because it seems like hundreds get released every year. So, of course, you can count on me to present you with the best movies to watch.

Single All The Way

Super cheesy, funny, romantic Christmas movie? Count me in. Also, Jennifer Coolidge? Iconic. And even though the trailer pretty much shows you most of the movie, as usual. It’s still really worth the watch!

The Christmas Chronicles (1&2)

The Christmas Chronicles is such a fun movie to watch. With lots of Christmas cheer, magic, and hopefulness. And it’s an actual movie with Santa Claus in it, not just people falling in love during the holidays. And if you’re in a binge-watching mood, you’re in luck because there’s a part two.

A California Christmas (1&2)

Another cheesy, romantic Christmas movie? Sure. However, this movie isn’t all happy and cheerful, which is why it was so entertaining to watch. And it’s another movie with a sequel, A California Christmas: City Lights. I did however prefer the first movie.

A Castle for Christmas

All (romantic) Christmas movies are predictable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. A famous author, Sophie Brown, travels to Scotland hoping to escape her recent flop, but because it’s a Christmas movie she finds more than she was initially looking for.

Hopefully this list will give you something to watch and of course happy holidays! 🎄🎅