Nowadays people want to control everything. And that even includes parts of life which maybe aren’t meant to be controlled. Coming up with cures for diseases is a good thing, but somehow people always want more. Otherlife is a perfect example of that.


This movie is about a woman who came up with a liquid that can induce time compressed virtual realities. Meaning it will feel and look like you are skiing in Aspen for a day but in reality you were only “there” for a minute. A perfect idea right? I mean who doesn’t want to enjoy every possible thing life has to offer? Even if it is with virtual reality. But what the main character (Jessica de Gouw) really wants to accomplish is helping her brother who is brain dead.

However the movie takes a twisted turn when Ren (Jessica de Gouw) is forced to test a liquid which is meant for prisoners. She’ll have to be in the virtual reality solitary confinement for a year, but after a year she doesn’t seem to wake up. If you love futuristic movies as much as I do, I suggest you add this movie to your watch list!