Okay, so as you may or may not have read in my previous post, I have a Netflix addiction. This in return results in me binge watching a full season of any series that interests me. This time it was Queen of the South. And yes I know I’m a bit late to the party, but hey better late than never right?

Spanish vs. English

So this show.. there are many things I could say about it. But the thing I need to get of off my chest first is the one thing that annoyed me about this show; the language. There were some dialogues where I was thinking, okay this is weird why aren’t they just speaking in Spanish. And yes I understand that they couldn’t make it a Spanish show because then maybe not as many people would watch it, but still. The person that annoyed me the most was Cesar ‘the Batman’ Guemes. This guy should just stick to Spanish. Okay that’s all I’ll say about that.

Queen of the South

Even though this show is mainly about drug cartels, there’s a lot more to it. Watching the main character Teresa Mendoza think and talk her way out of a lot of situations is probably the main reason I keep watching it. And it’s also the reason why I highly recommend this show to anyone. She went through a lot in season 1 and still has the power and drive to continue, I have to say if that isn’t the motivation you need, I don’t know what is. Now I’m not telling you to go out a become a drug mule, because that would be illegal and stupid. But try to figure out which steps you need to make and which actions you need to take in order to get where you want to be.