I was a bit (read: very) late to the TikTok craze because I felt like I was too old to be on TikTok. This is still true, but somehow my friend talked me into creating an account anyway. Cut to a few months later and now I’m sort of obsessed. I know, it’s bad. But just like my addiction to Netflix, my newest addiction isn’t just bad for me, it also has a positive side. TikTok can open your world to new things. And also a lot of weird things. So stay on the right side of it though. Anyway, new things, that’s what this post is about. I discovered some pretty cool websites thanks to TikTok, so I thought I’d share them with you.


MuscleWiki is a very simple but handy website. Especially if you work out from home or at the gym and have no idea what to do. First I would suggest selecting the type of workout you would like to do and then select your gender. When you are ready to work out simply select the area of your body that you would like to target. MuscleWiki will then show you some examples of exercises based on that area. Some areas have different difficulties, so you can even change up your workouts. Once you’re on the workout page you can even change the language of the page. Super handy right?


FutureMe is a very cool service that allows you to write a letter to your future self. Simply type the letter, fill out your email, and choose when the letter will be sent. You can also choose to have your letter be open to the public, means which it will be available on the website for everyone to read. Some of the public letters are definitely worth the read. If you do decide to make your letter public, your email address won’t be shown or shared, but the body and the subject of the letter will be. Just think about how cool it would be to receive a letter from the “you” from 5 years ago.


Histography is a massive, interactive timeline of history that will pull up Wiki pages for all sorts of historical events. You can move the cursor at the bottom of the screen to select the years you want to be included and it amazes me how many events pop up. In the sidebar, you can also see the stats for the period you selected or you can filter on a category. It is such a fun and educational website to really lose track of time on.

Well, that’s it for now. But I’ll make sure to share any other random things I collect from TikTok. 🙋🏽‍♀️