I honestly have no idea why I haven’t told you about this podcast yet. Because to me, this podcast was life-changing. Seriously. But, before I dive into my sob (typical life happens) story, I will tell you about this podcast.

Terrible Thanks For Asking is a podcast by Nora McInerny that shares the most emotional, sad and terrible stories. Because when people ask, “how are you?”, you tend to say fine. However, on this podcast, they encourage you to be honest and share your story. So, how do you really feel? It could be about anything ranging from a death in the family to someone that survived a shooting. These people are sharing their stories. And it’s amazingly helpful to listen to.

Now, why was this podcast life-changing to me? In 2017 my mom passed away. Her death didn’t come as a surprise because she was terminally ill, but this didn’t change how I felt. Grief is something weird and unless you’ve been through it you have no idea what it feels like. So I was not prepared. At all. It felt like I had a void somewhere with no idea whatsoever on how to fill it. Or if it was even possible. Just infinite emptiness. My mom was gone. So, now what? I tried to read books, blogs, how to’s, I tried meditation, music, and movies and even went to a therapist. Nothing worked. Then I came across this podcast and listened to the first episode. I bawled my eyes out. Not because of my grief, but because it felt like I found what I needed.

This podcast is great to listen to and not just if you’re someone going through grief. It’s great because it gives you so many perspectives and this will really help you in the long run. I still listen to the podcast every Tuesday and I will continue to listen to it as long as they keep publishing new episodes. Check out TTFA here. Also if you haven’t read Nora’s book, I suggest you start with that too. She has a new book out called No Happy Endings: A Memoir but you should also check her book It’s Okay to Laugh: (Crying Is Cool Too), it’s funny, I promise.