Where do I start? I first heard about this movie on Twitter. Yes, I have a Twitter account. People were raving about this movie The Perfection, and after a few tweets, I realized it was on Netflix. I read multiple tweets about it, but most of them had one thing in common: this movie was a mind f*ck. And also, don’t watch the trailer (I added the trailer, but feel free not to watch it). Say no more. Unfortunately, it was late when I was reading these tweets so I couldn’t watch it right away. Because part of being a grownish person also means you have a grownish job. Which means, I had to go to sleep, boohoo. Cue the next day when I came home from work so ready to watch this movie.

The movie starts with the death of Charlotte’s (Alison Williams) mother. She then decided to get back into music and contacts her old mentor. She then travels to Shanghai to meet him, and there she also meets his new prodigy Elizabeth (Logan Browning). After their meeting and a quick performance together, they make out and end up going clubbing together. The next day Elizabeth invites Charlotte to join her on her vacation. The next day Elizabeth is feeling sick, and she thinks it’s just a hangover; however, this is just the start of something no one saw coming.