I’m not sure if I mentioned that I want to start posting recipes as well. But here we are, my first recipe. I totally forgot to take pictures while I was making this, so I will try to keep that in mind for the next cooking project. For now, I’ll be posting recipes I’ve tried myself, and eventually, I will post my own recipes as well.

The Recipe

The recipe I used was from All Recipes and I’ve included the video at the top for visual learners. What I like to do with new recipes is get all of my ingredients ready to go (after I read the recipe), that way it’s easier to follow along with the video. A few notes if you’re going to use the recipe from All Recipes; I’ve doubled the amount of coffee and rum, because the mixture wasn’t enough for all the cookies. I also used different cookies, but that’s because I don’t like ladyfingers as much. And lastly, the recipe requires 6 egg yolks, so if you like macarons or meringues, for example, save your egg whites for either of those desserts. But all in all the end result was a very delicious Tiramisu which you can see if you keep reading. Or just scroll to the pictures, whatever. 🤷🏽‍♀️

The Results

As I mentioned above I tweaked the recipe a little bit, but as is the case with all recipes, you can adjust it to your taste. I will definitely make this recipe again because it was very simple and very delicious! If you have any recommendations for a recipe I should try, leave a comment below, or send a message using the contact form! 💁🏽‍♀️