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To Believe or Not To Believe


Some time ago I was talking to my dad on WhatsApp and somehow we started talking about religion. I don’t remember exactly what he said but my response was that I’m an atheist so whatever it was didn’t apply to me. Apparently he didn’t know this about me so this sparked up another type of conversation. In my mind, I didn’t need to explain my choices to him, not only because I didn’t feel like it but, isn’t that the whole point of being an adult? Making your own decisions?

Early years

I’ve been an atheist for as long as I can remember. Like most people I’ve been baptized (not because I had a choice back then) and I’ve been to church a few times (again, not because I had a choice). But as I got older and could finally make my own decisions I started questioning everything about our religion (Catholicism). How do we know a God exists? What proof is there that a God exists? Where did the bible come from and who wrote it in the first place? And why are we believing a book that was written (only God knows I guess) how many years ago? I could go on and on with these questions. I figured out that it probably didn’t make any sense and that was that.

No discussions

Not because I don’t believe in God means I don’t respect the fact that other people do. Who am I to tell you that your God doesn’t exist? And who am I to say that he really doesn’t? I don’t know any more than you do. Whatever someone needs to do to for their peace of mind I respect that. However, I don’t understand it when people say I know God is real because I can feel it in my heart. How is that a valid argument? Exactly, it’s not. But still, I’m not going into discussions with people about this because it’s endless. Literally.

Educate yourself

If you’re like me and had more questions than answers growing up, I have the perfect podcast for you. I started listening to this podcast because of my boyfriend. He has been a fan of The Atheist Experience for a few years now and I can see why. As he doesn’t like podcasts as much as I do, he watches their videos on their Youtube channel. The Atheist Experience is a show for anyone, not just atheists. People call into the show with all sorts of questions and it’s nice to hear these discussions play out. If you need some new knowledge in your life, I suggest you start listening too.