Netflix is truly becoming something I’m spending way too much time on. But then again isn’t that better than going out and spending way too much money on overpriced drinks or clothes that I don’t really need? I don’t know, I guess I feel the need to rationalize it somehow 🤷. But with this Netflix addiction comes the power of recommendation. Which helps me to write up a list of series and films so you don’t have to endlessly scroll through the maze that is Netflix. Obviously this is my personal opinion and I’m not telling you what to do. I’m merely giving you suggestions. Which hopefully you will follow. I mean, I am a self-proclaimed Netflix pro. Okay, you ready?


I had a lot of different emotions while watching this show. Mostly frustration (towards to first cops) and sadness. Unbelievable is based on true events.

Mindhunter | Season 2

I am truly fascinated by how the mind of serial killers and psychopaths works. So this show is seriously one of my favorites.

The Mind, Explained

Since I suffer from anxiety myself this was a really informative show! Btw, I will be writing a separate post about anxiety when I’m ready.

Miss Bala

I’ve been obsessing over Gina Rodriguez ever since I watched Someone Great about 6 times (more or less). And obviously Ismael Cruz Córdova isn’t so bad to look at either. This movie isn’t amazing, but it’s entertaining enough to watch.

You’re welcome.