Love, Simon. Ever since I watched this trailer I knew I just had to see this movie. So last week I finally watched it and it was even better than the trailer. And that may sound obvious, but sometimes the trailer really hypes up the movie for no good reason. They either show way too much of the movie in the trailer or too little. Or the movie looks way better in the trailer because they showed you all the good parts. Either way this was not the case with this movie.

Love, Simon

The movie is about a closeted teenage boy Simon Spier (played by Nick Robinson) who is struggling with coming out. You would think that because people nowadays are more accepting of it, it makes things a little easier. But unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. Also he has the coolest, good looking parents (Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner) and a loving younger sister. So, one night his friend mentions a post on a gossip website about another closeted boy at his school. Blue. Simon then creates an email account with a fake name in order to contact “Blue”. This is the start of something new. But Simon really wants to know who Blue really is. This movie is a perfect example of coming out and being accepted. With the exception of the occasional bullies. Love, motivation, jokes, mystery and great music, this movie has it all.